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Dr. Soucheray Is a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian! / February 16, 2018

We are proud to announce that Dr. Sandra Soucheray has recently received the esteemed title of being a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian!  She achieved this through completing the vigorous and specialized Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Certification Program.  Dr. Soucheray is committed to adhering           to the values and philosophies set by the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, and         she looks forward to providing her patients with the highest quality of care and compassion. 

Congratulations Dr. Soucheray!


International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Deems Fifth Conference a Success / October 1, 2015

From Press Release from IAAHPC for Immediate Release:

(October 1-4, 2015)— San Diego, California was the site of the fifth annual International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care’s conference.  Over two hundred participants came to hear the latest in the movement on educating pet care professionals on the various elements of an animal hospice program. 
“I am thrilled to see the excitement and thirst for learning when it comes to this topic of animal hospice,” quoted Dr. Kathy Cooney, the IAAHPC’s conference chair.  “Each year, more and more medical professionals and other pet care associates are looking for exactly the information that we are presenting at these conferences.  These professionals are hearing the pet parents in their communities and are responding to their requests for services like animal hospice.”   
“Our first conference just five short years ago was an overwhelming success,” noted Dr. Amir Shanan, the IAAHPC’s founder.  “And, here we are today, tripling our attendance at these meetings.  This is confirmation for us that palliative care and animal hospice business practices are seeing a tremendous growth in awareness and interest.” 
Attendees to the conference were educated on various elements of animal hospice.  Topics included: 

●    Individualized hospice care planning
●    Hospice case reviews
●    Death Around the World
●    Palliative Therapy in Oncology
●    Pain Management and Palliative Care Techniques
●    Profitable Business Management Practices for Your Organization
●    Pet Loss

Participants at the conference commented that the broad spectrum of knowledge they gained at the conference as well as the opportunity to network with others that are successfully offering pet hospice services truly made the event a success. 
The International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care is setting 2016 conference location and dates now.  The specifics of the conference will be released in early November 2015.  More information will be available on the website at


What Our Clients Say

March 2018, Francine with two cats, “It was so nice meeting you and your tech on Saturday. What a great feeling to know my babies are in good hands, and can stay in the comfort of their own home! You both were amazing with them.”

A few years ago, our beloved basset hound Stella became very sick due to advanced kidney disease and we made the difficult decision to put her down.  Although we humans were happy with the veterinary practice we had been using, I will never forget how horrible it felt to walk Stella into the vet's office to essentially watch her die in a place that she wasn't exactly fond of (to put it mildly).  It felt so cold and sterile and undignified.  I have always really regretted not having her put down in the comfort of her own home--a place she knew and loved.  I promised myself that the next time I was in that situation that I would have it done in our home.

Fast forward a few years...recently, our 19-year-old three-legged cat (aptly named Tippy) started to rapidly decline and we were struggling with whether or not we should put him down.  Anyone who has been in the same position knows what a difficult decision that is to make.  I called Dr. Soucheray and explained how he was declining and she was a WONDERFUL resource in helping us figure out what course of action to take.  When it finally came time to put Tippy down, Dr. Soucheray was there within hours of me making the call.  She talked us through everything and explained things in an age-appropriate way that my 10-year-old daughter Ava could understand.  We were able to pet and love Tippy as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, whispering sweet nothings into his ear and loving him the whole way through.  As hard as it was to say goodbye, I am SO thankful that he died at home.  It made is so much more peaceful for everyone and I will never have it any other way.

Thank you Dr. Soucheray not only for being such a great vet but also for your comforting words and kindness.  You made a sad experience as good as it possibly could be and we are forever grateful to you!  I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Soucheray and her mobile vet service!

H.E., Client of Dr. Soucheray


Dr. Soucheray was our veterinarian during the final months of our 22-year-old cat's life. We deeply appreciated Dr. Soucheray's expertise in geriatric pet care. Her guidance helped us understand what to be concerned about in caring for an older pet, and perhaps more importantly, what not to worry about. In the end, we asked Dr. Soucheray to euthanize our beloved kitty. Saying goodbye was heartbreaking, but the euthanization itself couldn't have been handled more beautifully. Dr. Soucheray made one of life's most difficult days respectful and loving and peaceful. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Jane Gilles